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Robert Duhaney, MD

 Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Thank you, Dallas, TX!

I will be wrapping up my association with the Dallas medical practice @ Medtopia by March 31, 2021, and starting with One Medical in  Austin on April 5th.


Medtopia Medical Clinic will move forward with the current team and Dr. Gonzalo Aillon has already begun taking over for me. He will be a great next successor and I feel good leaving my patients in his experienced hands. Dr. Sarosh Ahmed and PA Daria Wood will keep the Medtopia mission alive and are available for appointments as well. A big thank you to Dr. James Chanez for giving me the opportunity to help him launch the clinic in 2019. 


In 2008, I made the decision to leave the medical mecca of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland to embark on the beginning of my medical career in Dallas. I have so many people to thank and I plan to chronicle the steps in my life’s journey in the coming months. It was the best decision to move to Texas!


Fast forward to 2020. COVID hit the country. Racial tensions in the land rose (we are now seeing this with Asian Americans). Uncertainty abounded. My wife and I spent time reflecting on what the best next steps for our family should be. We have wonderful, growing-up kids depending on us. What were we called to do next?


It seemed like a potential pivot point. Do we stay in Dallas and continue on as before or do we take a chance and say yes to the next step in our family life’s journey? We chose the latter.  The move to Austin is not just a random next thing – we felt it was the culmination of all the previous steps that came before. We view it as being part of something bigger than ourselves. It was not an easy decision to make. We would be leaving many wonderful patients and friends behind. But I was running hard. Working late, on weekends, trying t be everything to everyone that needed my help. These were the classic expectations of a good internist. Nevertheless, I knew in my heart this course was not sustainable. If I moved to Austin to work for One Medical, it had to provide a better work-life balance. It had to allow for career advancement and potential for leadership. It had to be challenging work, yet fit better into a more simplified life.  It had to have the potential to be something special.


Starting in April 2021, I am taking my passion for exceptional primary care to a new level in Austin and proud to be partnering with One Medical as I share their vision for delivering high-quality, accessible health care. I believe exceptional primary care does not need to be unachievable for the average person and prohibitively expensive. At One Medical, I am committed to proving that just the opposite is possible — a system where quality care is affordable and available to everyone. And, with a true team approach, all does not rest on my shoulder alone. To bring this vision to life, One Medical has invested in patient-centered design, deploying smart applications of technology, and building teams of talented primary care providers and staff across the country who have the time and tools to make the right decisions. I believe this is what the future of primary care in America can be.


Starting as one office in San Francisco in 2007 by Dr. Tom Lee, One Medical has grown across the country to 90+ offices, making their Texas debut in the capital city. After an amazing 12 years in Dallas of meeting so many great friends and acquaintances as well as caring for thousands of patients across 4 clinics and 3 DFW cities, I am making the move 3 hours south to be part of One Medical’s integration of the essential elements of the modern medical practice: to offer a seamless healthcare experience in a supportive environment for both patients and providers.


As a man of faith, I have re-committed myself to being around more for my family. To look after my own health and not let things slide. I hope to be involved in more teaching, mentoring,  leadership, as well as developing hobbies. Finding the time to recharge to come back better to serve the needs of those around me. For me to be the best doctor I can be, I need to be the best person I can be. I can’t be one without the other. I guess it took the craziness of 2020 for me to see that truth. Looking forward to the next step in life’s adventure!

Robert Duhaney, MD



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